Mushroom on coffee e-learning


"We have hosted our Mushroom Master Program for over 2 years now. We have trained more then 30 entrepreneurs. We have gotten request for training from entrepreneurs as far as New-Zealand, India and Australia. But the distance was to great of a barrier. The travel expenses to high to make it to our Master Program. That's why we created this E-learning.

This unique E-learning program will allow us to reach more entrepreneurs and help them change their community and turn 'waste' into food and profit. We believe entrepreneurs can change the world and we want to help them do it.

The distance between you and our farm is no longer an excuse not to get started. This program you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your desk.

The cost of the program is no longer an excuse not to get started. This program is divided in 4 modules so you can choose what fits your situation best.

Read more about the 4 modules below."




  • Module 1 | The basic essentials

    “All you need to know to get started. We cover the basics on ingredients and mushrooms, substrate ingredients, substrate preparation, incubation and fruiting room, harvest, package and store your mushrooms.” Module 1 costs EUR 349,- ex VAT

  • Module 2 | Design incubation- and fruitingroom

    “In the second module we cover how to warm and cool your incubation and fruiting room. The lay out of the rooms and a low cost technical installation. We discuss several systems on hanging your substrate. We also take you on a tour through our Mobile Mushroom Unit and get you the design of it.” Module 2 costs EUR 349,- ex VAT

  • Module 3 | Business case

    “In module 3 we cover the business case and how to make money. We look at creating multiple cash flows. But also on how to get paid in advance. We show you how to pitch your collection of coffee to different suppliers and look at framework for organising workshops.” Module 3 costs EUR 349,- ex VAT

  • Module 4 | The ultimate proposition

    “In the last module, we show you how to fast track your business. We share with you a way on how to get paid up to €11.000 per location to collect coffee. This is the latest proposition  we have implemented in our farm and we have already two contracts like this. Position your proposition like green key or ISO. ” Module 4 is being developed






30 day money back

“We are so confident that you will find our E-learnings useful and effective that we have a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you purchase a module and within 30 days find that our program is not satisfactory, we will refund 100% of your payment with no hassle to you.



Pre order now


We are planning recording of the first module. If you pre order now, you can buy module 1 for € 300,- instead of € 349,-

You can buy all three modules for € 850,- instead of € 1.049,- All prices are without VAT.