LIVE WEBINAR WITH Siemen Cox & Mark Slegers

Founders of RotterZwam & BlueCity

“How to prevent green mold when growing mushrooms on urban waste streams”



Wednesday, February 7th
15:00 CET

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    How to prevent green mold

    "Green mold or trichoderma is one of the biggest challenges facing urban mushroom farmers. During this webinar we are going to take you to the things we do to prevent outbreaks of the Green Monster."

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    Systems to keep your farm free of mold

    "We talk about a few easy steps you can follow to keep your farm free of trichoderma. First step: now the cause, second step, organise work to prevent out breaks, third step, monitor."

  • 3

    Risk factors for contamination

    What are possible sources for contamination? When you know what the risks are, it's easier to mitigate the outcome. We will mention several risk factors for you to pay attention to.

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    Your most burning questions

    There are a lot of aspects to consider when you grow mushrooms. Flies, contaminations, how to get started..... We will answer your questions during the webinar to help you grow your business.

Siemen Cox - Urban mushroom farm expert

Mark Slegers - Award winning urban farmer

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