LIVE WEBINAR WITH Siemen Cox & Mark Slegers

Founders of RotterZwam & BlueCity

“Build multiple cashflows by growing mushrooms on urban waste streams”

Most urban mushroom farmers struggle to make a living. We have a tested and proven recipe for creating  instant cashflows around your farm.

In this free webinar we share the basic ideas behind this principle.



Thursday, June 28th
15:00 CET

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  • 1

    The four different types of mushroom farms

    "We have discovered that there are four different types of mushroom farms. Find out which one you can be."

  • 2

    Multiple cashflows

    "Most mushroom farmers have only one or two cashflows. We show you the importance of organising several and how it helps you be a resilient farmer"

  • 3

    You most burning questions

    There are a lot of aspects to consider when you grow mushrooms. Flies, contaminations, how to get started..... We will answer your questions during the webinar to help you grow your business.

Siemen Cox - Urban mushroom farm expert

Mark Slegers - Award winning urban farmer

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