LIVE WEBINAR WITH Siemen Cox & Mark Slegers

Founders of RotterZwam & BlueCity

“How can mushrooms make our society more sustainable”

Most urban mushroom farmers struggle to make a living. We have a tested and proven recipe for creating  instant cashflows around your farm. Now we see ever increasing opportunities around the modern urban mushroom farm.

In this free webinar we will have a general mushroom talk and discuss the trends and opportunities we see.



Thursday, December 13th
14:00 CET

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    What is a quasi franchise and why should I care?

    "We have discovered a way to use the strength of the franchise system to benefit social and sustainable entrepreneurs"

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    How can a quasi franchise benefit me?

    "In this new franchise concept, you can be both franchisee and franchisor. You can, for example, make money by introducing your own revenue model to the concept."

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    You most burning questions

    There are a lot of aspects to consider when you grow mushrooms. In this webinar we will focus on the business case and how the quasi franchise concept can benefit your business.....

Siemen Cox - Urban mushroom farm expert

Mark Slegers - Award winning urban farmer

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