E-learning growing mushrooms

Our entry-level training developed for the home grower who wants to supplement his supply of mushrooms. Or for the small-scale urban mushroom farmer who wants to get acquainted with the mushroom business. 



This course is an ideal way to get acquainted with the wonderful world of mushrooms. So it doesn't matter if you want to become a hobbiest or that you are a curious urban farmer.


Why this course?

An easy to follow and complete step by step guide to growing mushrooms in a household environment using common equipment found in the average house.


There are many ways that lead to Rome. We show you how to make 3 different kinds of substrates.


We explain everything in easy to understand language and we do not use jargon.


You can do this with the average household tools. No need for expensive equipment. 


Something not clear? You can ask questions in every lesson and we will answer them.

This course is best suited for people

  • Who don't want to invest a lot of money but still get results;
  • Who have grown mushrooms in a Growkit and want to learn more;
  • Who want to supplement their diet with mushrooms and harvest mushrooms more then once a month;
  • Who are interested in mushrooms and curious to how to grow them in a household environment;
  • Who are open to grow mushrooms for selling on the local farmers market;
  • Who don't want to search for a lot of scattered information on the internet;
  • Who are looking in to a healthier food pattern and producing their own food;


And NOT well suited for people

  • Who know for sure they want to start a business [we offer different trainings for entrepreneurs]
  • Who don't want to get their hands dirty;
  • Who want immediate results;
  • Who don't like to experiment;


Module 0 is more than just a “course”.

It is a training program you will pay for once and then have permanent access to. 


And, more important, mushroom guarantee


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