Online Mushroom Support

Our most popular training is the 4-day Mushroom Master Program. But for people that already have some basic knowledge of mushrooms or find the Netherlands too far to travel, our Online Mushroom Support can be a helpful alternative.


One hour call

You can book a one hour video call. We can check files and help you scout for locations or fine tune your business plan.

10 hours support

When one hour isn't enough and you have a list of questions that go beyond our online courses, then book a pack of 10 x 1 hour calls.

Community advantage

We have been building a network based on sharing mushroom knowledge since 2014. Members of the MLN CP get a 10% discount.

Believe it or not, but the picture on the left is how we started. These where our very first bags of mushroom substrate. We experimented for a long time with different mushroom species, different substrate recipes and ways of humidifying the fruiting and incubation rooms.

It was the beginning of 2013 and at that moment in time, the information on how to start an urban mushroom project was very scattered. There was little available online and what to learn by doing.

But while you are experimenting, you lose money.

-> You do not generate a cashflow, so no money in.
-> You have expenses, so money goes out.
-> You make some wrong choices and have to spend money twice.

"Siemen and Mark showed me everything from coffee collection, substrate preparation, room conditioning, harvesting, product development and a whole lot more. Therefore I strongly recommend everyone who thinks about starting a business as a mushroom grower, everyone who likes to grow mushrooms at home, or everyone who is interested in environmental issues and sustainability, to gain knowledge and be inspired by the awesome people at RotterZwam."

Florian Hofer
Founder Hut und Stiel

"I decided to start farming mushrooms because I’m passionated and fascinated with the idea that you can turn something that is considered as waste into something that has value, into food. I decided to start with the online mushroom course by rotterzwam because I think it’s a very good base to start to understand how you can farm mushrooms and it also helps you NOT to make a pretty good amount of mistakes. I would recommend rotterzwam simply because they have a good track record and they have a good succes rate I would say."

Natan Jacquemin
Founder NÃM mushroom

"The education program by rotterzwam helped me launch my own mushroom venture in Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. I'm grateful for all they have shared. It helped me change my career and become a successful mushroom farmer."

Rob Hermans
Founder Zwamburg

Want to start a farm?

We have collaborated with several entrepreneurs and organisations over the past years. Our approach is always the same. We provide tested, verified and applied information on how to run a profitable small-scale urban mushroom farm.

More info

We have created a two pager with more information on how our Online Mushroom Support can help your mushroom project forward.


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