There is a lot to talk about in the world of mushrooms. This blog is dedicated to help small scale urban mushroom farmers grow a profitable business. The topics we cover vary from DIY mushroom perforating bag machine to complete farm set up and the marketing communication aspects of modern urban mushroom farming.

The 5 different mushroom farm types

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2019

We have done a post on this in the not so long past. But with the transfer of content something went wrong and just as with the fire that destroyed our mushroom farm on May 23th 2017, we also lost most of the content on our blog.

 So we are not only going to rebuild our farm, but also our...

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Changing your farm and website simultaneously

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2018

We started farming at the beginning of 2013. Although experimenting is a better word to describe what we were doing back then. There was hardly any knowledge available on small-scale urban mushroom farming nor where there many examples of profitable and lasting businesses out there.

After one...

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mushroom substrate preparation set up

diy Sep 10, 2015

These days it is fairly easy to put into action your Do It Yourself solution for the mixing of your substrate and the filling of the tubes. All you need is a few tools with the right measurements and a willingness for some manual work. At our company, we use a portable mini station with a...

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