Climate system design for the urban mushroom farm

Here at RotterZwam we have been sharing information on small scale urban mushroom farming since 2014. On July 10th in 2014 we shared the design for what is the basis of current modular urban mushroom farm on a website that is no longer online.

As het image is no longer online, but it forms the basis on what we have created thus far, I wanted to do a repost of our sketch for a climate system for growing/fruiting oyster mushrooms in an urban environment.

The sketch for this design was based on what we learned from Ivanka Milenkovic during our visit on May, 2014, to her farm ekofungi near Belgrade in Serbia.

There have been a lot of upgrades to this design in the recent years but it can still help urban farmers in their efforts to build a well functioning fruiting room.

How have you created the correct conditions in your fruiting rooms? Let us know in the comments below.


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