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I'm not a digital oriented person. I can clearly remember when Google launched maps and I was thinking: "Who needs a digital map?" How wrong I was.....

I joined Facebook even before I started rotterzwam. I was on it only for business reasons. I saw the potential in that platform and it's ability to connect you to your target audience.

I also remember the first time when pages I liked, no longer appeared in my timeline.... Instead I saw the boring chatter of people I didn't care about. Why was Facebook not showing me the suff I liked and wanted to hear about? That was somewhere in 2009.

Fast forward to 2021 and it's clear that the big social media giants are not so social at all. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube [Google] are all engaged in deplatforming a wide arrange of people and groups for dubious reasons. If you publish something that they don't like, they can remove you from their platform with the click of a button.

In some cases that maybe is a good thing, when we talk about abuse or violence. But it can also ruin people who have worked hard to build an audience over the years and who see their hard work be undone in the blink of an eye for very arbitrary reasons. Or sometimes no clear reason at all. See also this troubling rapport by Bits of Freedom.

For us here at rotterzwam it was a reason to scratch our head. We had worked hard to build an audience of mushroom enthusiasts. We did this because when we started mushroom farming, there was hardly any farmer that was willing to share information. We decided that had to change.

We founded the Mushroom Learning Network in 2014 for the purpose of connecting urban mushroom farmers and helping them to grow successful urban mushroom farm based on the experience of successful mushroom farmers with a company that has been around for longer then 3 years and a working business case. I.e. one that makes money in both good and bad economical times. 

We hosted 5 offline sessions. The first in Rotterdam, the second in Brussels, the third in Paris, the fourth in Denmark and the fifth in Rotterdam again

We hosted a Wordpress website were people could register their membership for free. In 2018 that website got hacked and we decided to let it go. We added a MLN discussion group next to our MLN Facebook page. It was also for free and it has grown to 4.300 members at this moment in time [February 2021]. 

But it takes time to properly curate that group. We still see a lot of spam messages there. We still see a lot of questions about determination of wild species of mushrooms. We need to up our game to provide the small mushroom farmer with better and more controlled information.

With that in the back of our mind and the crusade against free speech by the mentioned platforms on our netvlies, we felt it was time to take the Mushroom Learning Network platform back in our control. We decide to start a Mushroom Learning Network Community here on Kajabi where we also host our blog and online courses.

So today Ivanka Milenkovic and myself proudly present to you the Mushroom Learning Network Community. 

You can stop browsing all the YouTube video's and Facebook groups for cluttered, unorganised and contradicting information and get instant access to:

  • Our mushroom substrate recipe Ebook -> Value €12,50
  • Our plans for the ultimate urban mushroom farm -> Value €25
  • Access to earning models by becoming a reseller of mushroom related products and services;
  • 10% Discount on all rotterzwam online and offline courses;
  • 10% Discount on all rotterzwam [Dutch] webshop products;
  • 15% Discount on all EkoFungi online and offline courses;
  • Conversations with mushroom experts each with more then 10 years of experience under their belts;
  • Our Ebook on preventing contamination in mushroom cultivation;
  • Our Ebook on 10 things you need to know when cultivating mushrooms;
  • Every 4-6 weeks early access to VODcast with Ivanka and Siemen;
  • Every 8 weeks a Q&A session with Ivanka and Siemen;
  • Organised discussion groups on the topics that matter most for the urban mushroom farmer.


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