Introducing: The Mushroom Learning Network Community Platform

The biggest challenge of our generation is to get our economy and our lifestyle within the boundaries of this one planet. Politicians act as if our economy can grow for ever and that there are no consequences to our natural world for dragging food all over the globe. We need to change our ways. We need a global exchange of knowledge to achieve decentralised and local production of food. We need to rewrite the story on how we organise our economy.

Mushrooms can play a role in that story. 

In 2013 rotterzwam started growing mushrooms on coffee grounds in an abandoned subtropical swimming paradise in the city centre of Rotterdam. We where inspired by the Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli. But Gunter describes that you can grow mushrooms on coffee grounds. But not how.

We are not the first in the world who started doing this. Even in the Netherlands a company started to do the same with a one year head start. We asked around for help, but almost nobody wanted to share knowledge. That needed to change.

In 2014, together with Ekofungi, we co-founded the Mushroom Learning Network for the purpose of connecting European urban mushroom farmers. The goal was and is to share knowledge that is difficult to find. To unlock the insights of experienced mushroom farmers and make it available for emerging urban mushroom farmers.

We hosted 5 offline sessions. The first in Rotterdam, the second in Brussels, the third in Paris, the fourth in Denmark and the fifth in Rotterdam again. Then we slowed down, focussed on our companies and moved more and more online.

Fast forward to 2020 and we find ourselves in the corona crisis and heavy restrictions on travelling. It's time to upscale our efforts. Time to create the Mushroom Learning Network Community Platform [MLN CP].

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The Mushroom Learning Network Community Platform is an online platform for and by experienced mushroom farmers. Its uncensored and your privacy is guaranteed. Your timeline is showing all the content of the platform. Not what an algorithm wants you to to see.

The MLN CP is hosted by Ivanka Milenkovic and Siemen Cox. With the other mushroom farmers we help each other grow a successful local business build upon global knowledge. Together we build a citizens society which revolves around respect for nature, local food production and healthy, thriving communities.

All The Support You Need When You Are Interested In Mushroom Business

The content on the platform does not replace a proper education, but you will find experienced entrepreneurs willing to help you move forward. And all we talk about is mushrooms :-)

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Strong Focus On Multiple Cash Flows

We believe that the small scale urban mushroom farm can only survive when it succeeds in generating multiple cash flows. If you only produce mushrooms, you fall into the same 'trap' as the modern farmer.  You will have only one knob to turn and that is volume. Multiple cash flows helped us survive a devastating fire and the corona crisis.

Free Ebook

This Ebook contains our three most used substrate recipes.

[Value €12,50]

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Free Farm Plans

Detailed design schemes plus the sketch up file of the farm.

[Value €25,-]

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Earning Models

Access to earning models of mushroom related products and services.

[Value priceless]

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You can stop browsing all the YouTube video's and Facebook groups for cluttered, unorganised and contradicting information and get instant access to:

  • Our mushroom substrate recipe Ebook -> Value €12,50
  • Our plans for the ultimate urban mushroom farm -> Value €25
  • Access to earning models by becoming a reseller of mushroom related products and services;
  • 10% Discount on all rotterzwam online and offline courses;
  • 10% Discount on all rotterzwam [Dutch] webshop products;
  • 15% Discount on all EkoFungi online and offline courses;
  • Conversations with mushroom experts each with more then 10 years of experience under their belts;
  • Our Ebook on preventing contamination in mushroom cultivation;
  • Our Ebook on 10 things you need to know when cultivating mushrooms;
  • Every 4-6 weeks early access to VODcast with Ivanka and Siemen;
  • Every 8 weeks a Q&A session with Ivanka and Siemen;
  • Organised discussion groups on the topics that matter most for the urban mushroom farmer.
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