Mushroom Cultivation

Are you interested in mushroom cultivation on urban waste streams? We grow mushrooms on coffee grounds in converted reefer containers in the city center of Rotterdam. We can help you convert your local ‘waste’ into profit.

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Free Ebook

We created an free Ebook to help you answer the most urgent questions on getting started with this business case. We cover more then 10 topics. Get it for free.

E-learning programs

Our E-learnings allows you to work at your own pace, from your own house and have the content available for you when you need it.

Mushroom Master Program

The MMP is developed to teach you all you need to know to cultivate mushrooms on an urban waste stream and build a profitable business model.

Online Mushroom Support

Are you facing mushroom challenges in your urban farm? Then we can help you. No need to travel and we only discuss relevant issues for you.

New Mobile Mushroom Farm

We opened our new mobile and modulair mushroom farm in June 2019. We share the entire build through our YouTube channel.

We can help you jumpstart an urban mushroom project. Interested in urban mushroom cultivation?
Feel free to contact us.

"Siemen and Mark showed me everything from coffee collection, substrate preparation, room conditioning, harvesting, product development and a whole lot more. Therefore I strongly recommend everyone who thinks about starting a business as a mushroom grower, everyone who likes to grow mushrooms at home, or everyone who is interested in environmental issues and sustainability, to gain knowledge and be inspired by the awesome people at RotterZwam."

Florian Hofer
Founder Hut und Stiel

What our alumni say

We can tell we deliver great value, but we rather let our alumni do the talking. Check all testimonials on our YouTube channel.


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