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10 things to watch when you are building your urban mushroom farm

10 things to watch when you are building your urban mushroom farm

We have only just begon, a famous phrase by Gunter Pauli in his legendary book, The Blue Economy. Which inspired us to start farm mushrooms. Last week we started the build of our new mushroom farm, the old one was destroyed by a fire, and as we promised, we are going to share the entire building process with you.

This blog post will be combined with a vlog [you can find that on our YouTube channel] and we will address the top 10 things you need to watch when you are building your urban mushroom farm.

And boy, do we talk out of experience. Because this is the second time we are going to build this farm and this business case, wait for it, ......... from the ground up. How is that for resilience? 

  1. The place you are scouting for, needs to be affordable. In some cities, that is a big challenge;
  2. Temporary but not too short. Minimum of 5 years;
  3. Located near city centre. Depending on the mushroom farm type you are;
  4. Scan the prospect area for 'risk companies'. For example organisations dealing in various waste streams.
  5. Access to raw materials. Coffee, straw, coffee husk, cardboard;
  6. Position of the farm on your site relative to sun and wind;
  7. Accessibility of the site; [Suppliers, customers, visitors]
  8. Electricity, voltage, water etc. Partner up with professionals. We have a team from Engie supporting us;
  9. Get familiar with the destination plan or zoning plan that applies to your area;
  10. Let a professional create official blue prints and start on time with your building permit;

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