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Changing your farm and website simultaneously

Changing your farm and website simultaneously

We started farming at the beginning of 2013. Although experimenting is a better word to describe what we were doing back then. There was hardly any knowledge available on small-scale urban mushroom farming nor where there many examples of profitable and lasting businesses out there.

After one year of experimenting and losing money, we understood the basics. We knew how to grow and produce mushrooms on a regular basis. Somewhere that year we got the first questions for support. We had been hosting several workshops and although valuable for consumers, to teach entrepreneurs to run a small-scale urban mushroom farm, you need a different approach.

That is how the Mushroom Master Program originated. Pure demand for knowledge. After training more than 40 entrepreneurs, we were getting questions from entrepreneurs further and further away. We needed something else to reach them. That's when we started with webinars, E-learnings and the mushroom-cultivation website.

With over 70 members enjoying our education program, you want to have a stable platform where you can log in 24/7 without any hassle.  And that was no longer possible with the former WordPress site. It was falling apart.

We needed a platform that would support our growth as a company with an educational aspect to it. We found that in KAJABI. We are pleased to be here and hope to provide a lot of mushroom knowledge to a lot of [wannabee] urban mushroom farmers.

We do need some more time to get the website part and the blog up and running. So the old blog posts still need to be imported.

As I said in the beginning, we are also rebuilding our mushroom farm at the same time and are moving office. So bare with us and in the meantime don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We will be posting a lot of content there in the coming months. Especially on the build of our new farm. We will share every part of the build with you.


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