Our mushroom substrate recipes

Our mushroom substrate recipes

In August 2019 we asked a simple question. What piece of information, insight or knowledge about growing mushrooms, is valuable for you? We asked because we wanted to up our game in sharing relevant content with you. 

In the first two months of 2020 almost 300 people have downloaded one of the free ebooks we offer. We are very happy to see this enthusiasm for mushroom farming and we are pleased that we are able to contribute to this growing movement. Because a movement it is.


The question we asked back then was. "What can we do to help your mushroom project forward?" And then we proposed some subjects and left one open. 

  1. The content of our business plan
  2. The substrate recipes we use and have used
  3. Guideline to how we sell our products to the local market
  4. ......

We got a wide range of responses including questions about investing in technical installations, making perforated substrate bags, streamlining the operation and how to deal with customers that do not pay. Fortunately we only experienced a none paying customer twice. So we are not experts on that. :-)

Looking at your responses, my personal calendar [I needed to find the time to create the content] and looking at what content we had available somewhere on a shelf, we decided that we would first create an Ebook that contain the substrate recipes that we have use and have used.

So we proudly present our third Ebook "3 mushroom substrate recipes for the small mushroom grower". The book has 20+ pages containing the three substrate recipes we use. It took us more than 12 months to validate the coffee recipes.

The most important aspects of this ebook are the substrate ingredients, the percentages used in every mix AND the mixing order. But we also include images of the substrate production process and the way we clean substrate ingredients.

These ingredients are used by us in our current substrate production process but also in workshops and team activities we host on the farm. They are easy to understand and to apply. Even for a novice. 

The goal with this ebook is to get you started growing mushrooms for the lowest possible price. Don't expect this book to cover all subjects of substrate preparation and the machinery used in it. It doesn't. If you want that, I suggest taking a look at our E-learning program for the home grower or the beginning urban mushroom farmer. 

The content of this eBook is part of what we see as Smart Substrate Strategies. More on that will follow. We decided to make this eBook available for just €12,50


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