Perforated bags for mushroom cultivation

Perforated bags for mushroom cultivation

We did the first video on how to make perforated bags for mushroom cultivation on May second in 2016. A lot has changed since then. Our farm has grown, we do a lot more substrate. That means, we need a lot more substrate bags. We believe in DIY, so we created our own device. Finally we found a spare moment to do a new video on the device we have created to perforate our substrate bags. 

It needed to be easy to make
It needed to be easy to operate
It needed to be fast and produce a lot of bags

I say, we have succeeded. With special thanks to the dough roller, which was the basis for our design.

From there 

We created this device.

The best way to show you how it works, was to make a video about it. So we kindly invite you to our YouTube channel where we share the workings and design details.





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