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The 5 different mushroom farm types

The 5 different mushroom farm types

Before you dive into this post, we highly recommend reading our blog on how to start a mushroom farm.

We have done a post on this in the not so long past. But with the transfer of content something went wrong and just as with the fire that destroyed our mushroom farm on May 23th 2017, we also lost most of the content on our blog.

 So we are not only going to rebuild our farm, but also our blog from the ground up. And I would like to begin with a post on the 5 different mushroom farm types we distinguish. 

We get a lot of people contacting us asking for some guidance in starting a mushroom farm. After asking some questions on how they got this idea, we quickly find that there are a lot of misunderstandings on what it takes to run a mushroom farm.

This misconceptions begin with not having the right perspective on what options there are. Because in the last 5 years we have found that there are five different mushroom farm types. Each farm types has its own specific activities and investments.

And as not every person is the same, not every business is. So are you serious in starting a mushroom business? Then make sure to download the pdf with the five different mushroom types.

Let us know in the comments below what your dream farm looks like. Where is it located? What kind of substrate are you making or do you buy prepared substrate?

PS although the image might suggest otherwise, the types are not about the design of a mushroom farm. We are going to do a post on that soon!

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