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The mushroom life cycle on your farm

The mushroom life cycle on your farm

You can find a lot of information about the mushroom life cycle on the internet. But we find that within this images, there are some parts missing. That's we we have redone the most commonly found image in the internet about the mushroom life cycle. Our version includes a time frame and a vital supplier connection.

As you are probably aware of, we love mushrooms. So much that we made our profession out of it. We grow mushrooms on coffee grounds in the city centre of Rotterdam.

The cool thing about mushrooms, is that they can be grown on a variety of different mediums, also known as substrate. They are particularly suited to convert waste streams into a great source of green protein. From waste to taste. :-)

We are sure that there is a waste stream in your city, that you can use to make a substrate for mushrooms. That makes mushrooms an excellent product to be used for urban farming.

Like you, we have been using different online and offline sources to educate ourself on the topic. A quick internet search gives you dozens of examples of images on the mushroom life cycle. As you can see below.

But these images are missing some interesting material for the beginning urban mushroom farmer. That's why we have made our own version of it.

This new version includes: The relation between the urban mushroom farmer and the spawn supplier, an indicative timeline from inoculation to harvest [which depends on the species] and last but not least we have added widely used terminology. We hope you will find it helpful. 

What are things that you would add? Let us know in the comments below.

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