The Mushroom Academy for SME's

The Mushroom Academy for SME's is platform to teach you all the elements you need to know to cultivate mushrooms on an urban waste stream and build a profitable business model. 


Shorten learning curve

When you are walking the learning by doing route, you are losing time and money. Are you going to experiment and not make any revenue in the interim? 


Theory + Practice

We share the theoretical part and then let you apply that the same day. That way you have experienced all proceedings and the knowledge is guaranteed to stick.

Small groups

The maximum size of the groups is 6 entrepreneurs. This way everybody gets enough attention to ask their questions.

Next Mushroom Master Program

rotterzwam will host 5 Master Programs in 2022. The next MMP in 2023 is in April. Do we see you there?









Key learning outcomes

There is so much information that we share, that we cannot list it all here. But below you find the key learning outcomes of our Mushroom Master program.

  1. Understanding the complete mushroom biology
  2. How to prepare different kinds of substrate both manually and automatically
  3. How to properly and effectively clean your farm
  4. Know to recognize, prevent and combat green mould
  5. How to ideally construct your mushroom farm
  6. How to harvest, package and store conform product and legal requirements
  7. How to construct growing rooms with off the shelve components
  8. Oversee the complete in- and outbound logistical challenges
  9. Understanding how to scale the different production methods
  10. Knowing when to apply which production method
  11. Knowing how to construct a healthy business model
  12. Knowing where to look to meet [local] legal requirements
  13. Being able to reproduce the hooks to which you place your sustainable story
  14. Insight in which costly mistakes to avoid
  15. Access to farm floor plans
  16. Access to multiple construction drawings
  17. Access to open source earning models
  18. Access to licensed earning models


  • Full access to our E-learning program
  • Access to alumni network
  • 2 hours of Skype support after the program ended [for trouble shooting or guidance]

Over 65 entrepreneurs

Over the past years we have had the privilege to see how 65+ entrepreneurs created a mushroom shockwave in their community. See the full list of testimonials on our YouTube channel

Pricing Options Mushroom Education

We have two offers for the beginning urban mushroom farmer.

Mushroom Master Program (Compact)


Price ex VAT.

3 day program

Larger group of students
[Min. 3 Max. 15]

Access to E-learning
[value €750,-]

Doing the substrate production one time

Skype support afterwards

Download Curriculum

Mushroom Master Program (Full)


Price ex VAT.

4 day program

Small group of students
[Min. 1 Max. 6]

Access to E-learning
[value €750,-]

Doing substrate production multiple times with different mixes

Skype support afterwards

Download Curriculum

All the dates for 2023

Upcoming events:

April 3th - 6th

June 19th - 22th

August 7th - 9th [Compact]

... more to come?

Want to start farming mushrooms?

Then drop us a line. W'd love to plan a video call and answer your most burning questions.


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