mushroom growing room designs

mushroom growing room designs

Creating the optimum conditions for mushroom cultivation are a challenge. The team of rotterzwam presents its latest innovation. Our climate wall makes finishing your mushroom growing room designs a piece of cake.

Back in 2014, we published an open-source design for the climatisation of a mushroom fruiting room. The design helped many beginning mushroom farmers to design their own growing room. In 2019 we used that same growing room design to construct our new farm.

But we needed an even better version. We wanted the essence of mushroom cultivation technique, in one mobile and flexible installation. Mobile to meet the demand of a mushroom farmer that wants to be able to grow his production in incremental steps. Flexible so it can be moved [if needed] to a bigger space.

Our new climate wall for mushroom cultivation hosts the following climate functions:

-> Provides sufficient fresh air

-> Provides a stable temperature for incubation and fruiting

-> Provides a stable relative humidity

Next to that, it offers:

-> Controlling fresh air (CO2) with adjustable vent and valves [fruiting]
-> Circulating air with adjustable vent and valves [incubation]
-> Controlling temperature with water and radiator [incubation & fruiting]
-> Controlling humidity with a timer and low tech humidifier
->Controlling on and off-hours for cultivation light
-> Logging the temperature in the unit, the humidity in the unit, the temperature of the substrate and the humidity of the substrate
-> Fuse box with electric meter

This set-up is ideal for the beginning urban mushroom farmer that wants a flying start with their production. It can be used in a 20 ft and a 40 ft container. Due to this flexibility, you could get started in a 20 ft container and one year later scale up with the same climate wall to a 40 ft container. But basically, you can slide it in any shed, barn or insulated room in a building.

We know by experience that it takes a lot of time and experimenting to get the climate in your growing rooms within the desired parameters. This system solves this problem.

As we lined out in our blog with the five-step plan to start a profitable mushroom farm, starting to grow mushrooms is only step 4. But you want to go from growing to harvesting a stable supply of mushrooms as soon as possible.

We have just finished building three of these climate walls for a customer in Utrecht. Next to the build of the wall, we also organised the installation on-site for them. They requested three full size and complete growing rooms. A complete turn-key project.

The nice thing about this climate wall is that you can slide it in any high cube reefer container, shed, barn or insulated room in a building. So you provide the space and we provide the climate.

The price for this climate wall is €14.499 per piece.

This price is ex 21% vat, ex installation and subject to current raw material prices. As a result of the printing of money by our central banks, inflation is at its highest level in 30 years. Exact prices are determined at the time of placing the order. 

We can also install the climate wall on your farm. We can provide you with a quote for the installation process, but you can also install it yourself.

Next to that, you can choose to upgrade to a higher capacity fan and heat pump.

Want to know more?
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PS Just two days [!!] after installing the unit, the team on this farm did their first small substrate production.

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